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Adrien Agreste, Season 1 episode 14

Adrien Agreste is a main character in the show, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, as a superhero named Cat Noir and the main love interest for one of the main characters called Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Adrien Agreste is 22 he encountered the miraculous holder called; Master Fu. He shortly then got the Cat miraculous and met his kwami, Plagg.

He is a famous supermodel and also an superhero, and by saying ''Plagg! Claws Out!'' he can turn into his superhero form, where he calls himself Cat Noir. Adrien Agreste goes to the Collège Françoise Dupont for school, and there he meets Chloe Bourgeois, he isn’t the main love interests of Lila Rossi so he has allergy to her as a cat form

he does really love Marinette Dupain-Cheng she’s his girlfriend not Lila Rossi’s where they all supposedly have a crush on him for him being a famous supermodel.

He currently has a girlfriend named Kagami Tsurugi where he met at fencing class, though they are not together anymore as Kagami Tsurugi is moving back to Japan.


Adrien Agreste is 22. a white t-shirt that is cuffed above the elbows and a long collar around his neck. His black shirt also has a ''V'' shape going downwards and 5 multi-colored lines going across his shirt. He has a brownish-belt with a silver imprinted pattern in the middle area of his belt. He has blue jeans and white shoes with an orange pattern by the middle of his shoes, with a white pattern by his toes and laces.

Physical Appearance[]

Adrien is supposedly a handsome charming teenager, with a fair skin tone. He has messy brushed back blonde hair hat is swept to the right and emerald green eyes. He has a rosy tint on the bridge of his nose, cheeks, and the tip of his ears, and he is half a head taller than Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

As Cat Noir[]

Cat noir transformation.gif

Cat Noir has green anonymous eyes, dark green irises and olive green circled pupils. His Cat miraculous otherwise known as his ring turns black during the transformation and 5 paw marks are shown. Once he has used his special power called cataclysm, the paw marks will start disappearing every minute and once the last paw mark disappears, he will turn back into his civilian form. He can also say ''Plagg! Claws In!'' to turn back instead of using his cataclysm and waiting the 5-minute mark.

Cat Noir's hair turns untamed to cover his human ears and puts black cat ears on the top of his head, along with a black mask giving him green eyes. He has a black costume that is padded in some spots of his costume and a black belt that is holding his staff in which it can be used as a communication device or a guide for how to be a superhero as seen in ''Oblivio''. He has gloves with claws and a belt-like tail along with thick black boots to complete his avatar.

As Mister Bug[]

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Mister Bug wears a skin-tight red patterned suit and is the male version of Ladybug. He has black accents on his mask, knees, shoulder-blades, hands, and neck. He also has a yo-yo around his waist. Like Cat Noir, his hair becomes longer and untamed, which covers his normal ears.

As Aspik[]

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Aspik has a skin-tight suit like Mister Bug except it is green with blue accents. Its skin-tight suit goes across the hair and eyes, instead of having a mask and messy hair. It has black accents and a turtle-ish pattern by the eyes, torso, hands and feet.

As Snake Noir[]

Snake Noir is a hybrid form of Cat Noir and Aspik. He has a black suit with turquoise parts.

As Cat Blanc[]

Hawk Moth akumatizes his son

Cat Blanc looks exactly like Cat Noir except his cat-suit is all white, including his bell, his hair and ears. Instead of being tan, Cat Blanc is pale. Roslynn Phare was actually going to do Hawk Moth‘s obey movement

"I think we need to break up."

"I feel like it would be best if we ended our relationship." "I have not been feeling fully satisfied

in this relationship and think it would 

be best if we broke up." "After some thought, I think we should end our relationship." "I no longer want to continue our relationship anymore." you’re the one who told me a legend story of yourself to pretend to be friends with Ladybug please just stop protecting me away from my innocent girlfriend thanks to you called my innocent girlfriend a dummy to treat her like that to hurt her feelings I’m sorry Lila forgive me I just really don’t need you to make me falling in love with me so you can be popular as my girlfriend you and I both are officially through”

—~Adrien Agreste breaks up with Lila Rossi for manipulating him